We have been in lighting industry since 2015, Having extensive experience in project business

About Us.

We have been in lighting industry since 2015. Our Aksel Group was appointed as first Professional Channel Partner of Philips for Commercial Segment in Surabaya, coverage East Java. Having extensive experience and networks in project business. We set the pace of coverage as well extending our portfolio to serve the market.

Dejavu Multi Kreasi (DMK) was established in Surabaya to tap opportunities and serve commercial segment – we carry two prominent brands : Philips Lighting and USG Boral ceiling system and drywall as our domain.

We achieved excellent years and strive to satisfy customers by offering partnership in total solutions that could help their business efficient, green and growing healthier.

What we offer.

Lighting & Energy Audit
Check and investigate the existing lighting and energy usage, make a proposal and offer the lighting retrofit with LED as well as energy saving.
System Integration-Building Automation
develop the competency and expertise in Building and Home Automation, act as system integrator and work closely with other vendors to deliver the connectivity across system and controls.
Lighting Design & Proposal
Lighting is no longer simple, yet very powerful when we design properly. Good lighting design bring added-values to our buildings.
Energy Monitoring Services
We offers energy monitoring services for customers in order to check and improve current energy consumption without big initial investment.
LED Retrofit Supply & Install
Retrofit will deliver equal or beter performance and ambiance. We are ready to retrofit the old-lighting with new LED Lighting.
After Sales Service & Call Center
DMK is committed to become preferred solution partners.
We understand that after-sales-services is very critical to B2B customers.